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We whole-heartedly value the well-being of each customer who walks through our door. It is of the utmost importance to us that our customers feel confident about their health in our hands. This is why our lead PharmD and owner, MJ, makes an extra effort to personally get to know our customers and set aside time for health-focused consultations to better understand each individuals' own needs. As we aim to optimize your health with custom medication made in our in-store compounding lab, our staff makes it a priority to listen to your needs and emphasize the attention to detail going into putting your order together.  

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What is Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of creating personalized medicine. It all starts with a problem: the child who can’t swallow pills, the patient with a gluten allergy, the much-needed drug that’s in short supply.


For whatever the many reasons, many people don't get the searched-for results by mass-produced medications. But a compounding pharmacy is often able to provide a solution.

Compounding pharmacies work with prescribers to fill a gap in health care through customized solutions for specific patient needs.

Compounding is a great option to explore for people who:

  • Have allergies to common mass-produced medicine fillers (casein, gluten, dyes, etc.)

  • Aren’t taking medication as prescribed due to unpleasant side effects or lack of improvement

  • Need custom medicine strengths and dosage forms (like creams or suppositories)

For patients, compounding may be life-changing, even lifesaving. And can be a highly rewarding alternative to commercial medicating practitioners, by helping them solve some of health care’s toughest challenges.



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  • NCPA, Nation Community Pharmacy Association

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