To set up automatic refills please fill out the form below. Since you may have picked up prescriptions at different times, your prescriptions may be "out of sync," meaning you'll run out of them at different times. During your first 1-3 refills, you may receive partial amounts of medication so we can sync all of your prescriptions to be due for a refill the same day as one another.

We will try our best to have your prescriptions ready on your pick-up day, however, preparing your order on time depends on cooperation from your physician and insurance. If your prescription is out of refills, we will automatically request refills from your physician 10 days prior to your pick-up day.

Please Note: Automatically refilled prescriptions will not automatically be delivered or shipped. Delivery or shipping  must be requested by calling us at (949) 429-5326 to schedule.

Set Up Auto Refill