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Personalized to heal your unique needs

At OC Pharmacy we believe compounded medications can be the best possible solution for a variety of conditions.


A compound is a mixture of ingredients; compounding in the pharmacy is the science and art of creating custom medicinal mixtures to treat a wide array of medical issues in humans and other animals

Pharmacies are the middleman between you (the patient) your physician, your insurance, and many drug companies. We'd like to take the drug companies out of that picture by dispensing customized, patient-specific medications we call compounds. Compounds may have better, safer, and/or faster outcomes than traditional pharmaceuticals.

Moreover, our custom compounds are made right here in the United States, by hard-working Americans, here in our laboratory which you are welcome to come visit! You can even watch your custom medication be made by one of our certified pharmacy technicians.

We believe you are not a prescription number like they do at big corporate pharmacies.

When you fill your prescription or pourchase your over-the-counters at OC Pharmacy, you are joining our family and our belief in patient-centric care. Each and every patient receives the same quality care and time, from a high quality and caring staff.

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