• heather5937

Addendum: Flu Season and COVID Collide, Now What?

If you had read my previous post "Flu Season and COVID Collide, Now What?" It may have left you feeling pretty vulnerable to the potential hazard and doom of this upcoming 2020 fall/winter season; after all, it is a big concern for a lot of people and health care professionals. However, I wanted to post and addendum to that post. Because, all though it is a true hazard to the public, the precautions being taken by the public to fend off off the COVID virus (for those who follow the guidelines, anyway), may help lessen the spread of the flu this year.

If people continue to protect them selves with PPE and sanitation, the likely hood that the flu will spread through colleges, grocery stores, and the workplace is significantly less.

I think this is an important message to add to my previous post, because it really can stress the importance of following CDC COVID-19 guidelines to prevent all the chaos that may otherwise take place.

Respect yourself, respect others = protect yourself, protect others. Please, even if you don't personally think it is necessary, have the respect to acknowledge the safety and concern of others.