• heather5937

Some thoughts about starting the new year...

The new year is a time when I feel a lot of us feel pressured into setting goals for the new year. I've spoken with a couple friends who has a goal set up in numerous different categories in their lives - fitness, cooking, reading, hobbies... the lists go on. This made me feel behind (among other things), so I got to thinking.

The new year, for many people, is drab, with gloomy weather and gray days. This can make it a struggle to feel inspired going into the new year (not to mention the emotional and mental hangover still lurking from the past year *2020*). 2020 took a big toll on my own mental and emotional health and it threw most of us completely out of our routine and social lives. Speaking of, hello, social anxiety! Social anxiety is a struggle for many people who had taken the social distancing and stay home orders seriously, while others, just can't seem to talk enough once a conversation has begun due to the lack of in-person dialogue. The year seemed to just keep rolling in the punches. 2020 affected us all differently, and in some ways, the same. Though one thing is for certain, it was a difficult year: financially, socially, the uncertainty, unknowing, stress and other emotions caused by the pandemic, normal life stressor... should I go on?

In my thoughts, I realized, I didn't need to enter the new year with goals lined up, feeling inspired, and rearing to get started a new and better me - and that it is OK. Instead, I could take some time to rest and reflect on the year has been the good and bad, ups and downs, and to try to take with me the positive lessons and memories.

I do still plan on having achievable goals set for myself to take on during this new year (2021), as I do think it is important to keep growing and improving. But I am going to plan and set these goals when I feel inspired and ready. I hope that this will allow me to put the most effort, heart, and accountability into achieving my goals, with less rebound.

Stay healthy, Stay well. <3