A bioavailable and bioactive form of supplemental vitamin K2. Numerous studies have confirmed the safety of vitamin K-2 and its efficacy for optimal bone health and heart health.


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Vitamin K2 supplies a significant amount of biologically
active vitamin K in the form of menaquinone-7 (MK-7).

Vitamin K was originally discovered as the anti-hemorrhagic
factor, but it now encompasses a variety of physiological
processes. The major source of vitamin K in most diets is
phylloquinone (vitamin K1), which is present in green leafy
vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and kale. Vitamin K2 is
present in small amounts in fermented foods, milk products,
cheese, and meat, and is synthesized by various human gut
microbiota. It is well documented that the Western
population obtains insufficient vitamin K from their regular
diets, possibly related to poor absorption from these foods.
Beyond blood clotting, the role of vitamin K in osteoporosis
and cardiovascular disease is related to calcium utilization.
Scientific studies have revealed that vitamin K plays a
crucial role in building and maintaining bone health, which
is influenced by osteoblasts, osteoclasts, hormones,
cytokines and nutritional factors, including vitamin K intake.
Inadequate calcium metabolism can result in cardiovascular
and bone health problems. The deposition of calcium into
arteries is an organized, regulated process similar to bone
formation that occurs when other factors are present.
Proteins like osteocalcin and matrix Gla protein, which are
actively involved in the transport of calcium out of vessel
walls, are suspected to have key roles in coronary calcium
deposition. The greater the amount of calcification, the
greater the likelihood one may develop suboptimal coronary
Additionally, research shows under carboxylated osteocalcin
and low vitamin K intakes are risk factors for fractures in
women. Vitamin K is needed to activate osteocalcin
(carboxylated), which functions to take calcium out of the
vessels and deposit them into the bones. Therefore,
consuming sufficient amounts of dietary calcium is not
enough for bone and cardiovascular health; the body needs
to distribute and utilize the calcium properly with aid of
Vitamin K.
Vitamin K2 (as MK-7) is more bioactive and has proven
more effective than vitamin K1 and other menaquinones.
MK-7 showed eight times the half-life of vitamin K1 in a 24-
hour serum concentration level after 1 mg of each form was
ingested. Thus, MK-7 can be administered in low dosages
only once a day, typically 1/1000 that of a MK-4 dose.
Furthermore, the study showed better utilization and
improvedosteocalcin carboxylation for MK-7 after 6 weeks.
Numerous studies reveal long-chain menaquinones, such as
MK-7 are more effective in supporting arterial health than
vitamin K1 menaquinones.
Vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) is derived from
geraniol and farnesol. Geraniol is the primary part of rose oil,
palmarosa oil, and citronella oil. Farnesol is present in many
essential oils such as citronella, lemon grass, rose, and musk.
This natural form of MK-7 has been extensively tested for
molecular identity and bioequivalence when compared to
MK-7 from fermented soybeans (natto). It is the all-trans
form, thus providing a significantly higher purity of the only
biologically active form.

Vitamin K2 may be a useful dietary supplement for
individuals who wish to increase their intake of Vitamin K
and support bone and cardiovascular health.


1 Serving (1 Vegetarian Capsule) Contains:
MenaquinGoldTM .................................................45 mcg
(as menaquinone-7)
Other Ingredients: Capsules (cellulose, water), cellulose,
magnesium stearate, and silica. Contains soy.
Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) is an all-natural form of
Vitamin K that is much more biologically active than the
more common form, Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone).
This product contains NO salt, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy,
preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Adults take 1 vegetarian capsule daily at mealtime, or as
directed by a healthcare professional.

No adverse effects have been reported.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. KEEP

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