Veterinary Compounding

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Custom medicated treats, oral suspensions, capsules, transdermals, and otitis gels and more! 

Cat Resting


Custom medicated treats, oral suspensions, capsules, transdermals, and more! 

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Medicated pastes, transdermal preparations, powders, otitis packing, hoof care, and medicated bandages are available!

Do you, or someone you know, have a pet suffering from a medical condition that commercial products aren't solving? Has trying to have a pet to swallow a pill a chore? Or maybe you'd like to turn 5 medications into 1!? We make medicating pets a lot more simple and successful!

Veterinary drugs are to be compounded based on a licensed veterinarian's prescription, to meet the medical needs for a specific pet!

We are helping local Veterinarians stand out from the rest of the herd by creating custom medications for their patient's individual needs.

By preparing medicated and flavored treats, customized otitis gel (ear-packing medication) and solutions, suspension medications (you pick the flavor!), topical applications, trans-dermal therapy, and more!

There are formulas available for cats, dogs, and horses being affected by behavioral issues, incontinence, seizures, acral lick granuloma, atopic dermatitis, motion sickness/nausea, sedation, flea bites, and more!